For over three decades, Pomona Heritage has advocated for preserving Pomona’s historical neighborhoods and buildings. We, in Pomona have inherited an amazing number of vintage homes, historic churches, buildings, and historic sites, and a real historic downtown district. Pomona Heritage has played a part in first, recognizing our abundant historic architectural legacy, and secondly, to highlight and focus attention on the need to preserve, protect, and enhance these unique historic resources.

Founded in 1984, our organization started out as a self-help group,and has blossomed into a dedicated 501c-3 preservation advocacy organization. Our major accomplishments include helping to write Pomona’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, and lobbying for its adoption by the Pomona City Council. That accomplished, we then worked to establish Pomona’s first residential historic district, Lincoln Park, followed shortly by the Wilton Heights and Hacienda park historic districts. Along the way, we initiated an annual Restoration Workshop,and a Restoration Grant Program.

We are proud of our community, and will continue to preserve Pomona’s rich historic legacy.

Meagan Gearhart | President
Vicki Scott | Vice President
Bob Stoltz | Treasurer
Tamara Gonzalez | Secretary
Teresa Sabol Spezio | Membership Director